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We started five years ago as a generational business that wanted to treat customers like one of our own. Our professionals work hard to provide a customized experience based on your specific property and needs.  Don’t let ants ruin your summer fun when Olympia Pest Management provides professional ant management in Olympia that you can trust.

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Pest Maintenance

We’re here to take care of your ant issues no matter how persistent they are with these maintenance plans:

  • Annual service: This covers carpenter ants and general pest reduction with a yearly exterior product application. If you don’t experience pests often, this is a great solution that deters the intrusion of ants and other pest populations. However, these pests may reappear between services.
  • Semi-annual service: For general pest reduction, rodent monitoring, and carpenter ant management, we provide exterior product application every six months. This limits spider activity, carpenter ant intrusion, and general pest populations.
  • Quarterly service: If your space needs a comprehensive solution, our quarterly solutions cover a reduction of yellow jackets, paper wasps, spiders, odorous house ants, rodents, carpenter ants, and general pests. Seasonal product application for these pest varieties minimizing their entry into your building and can keep your family safer.

Carpenter ants attack the wood around your home by building nests in burrowed-out wood. This can significantly reduce the strength of your structure. Odorous House ants leave an unpleasant odor and can be quite a nuisance. Don’t let these ants control your everyday activities when our dedicated ant management in Olympia is a trusted solution.  Though Carpenter and Odorous House ants are most common, we are proud to offer services that help cover a wide variety of ants.

Why Count on Us?

  • Same-Day Services Often Available
  • Customized Service For Your Needs
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Family Owned & Operated

How We Reduce Ants

The key to proper ant control is to eliminate the queen successfully. Most ant colonies revolve around protecting and feeding their queen so it can continue to reproduce. Without a strong queen, the colony will fall apart.

We reduce ants with multiple exterior product applications that include broadcast insecticide. A liquid treatment is spread to prevent the original colony from splitting up and creating more queens. Limiting the growth and spread of these ants is critical to a long-lasting reduction.

Bait may also be used with a mix of attractive food for ants. This slow-acting insecticide is safe for pets or other wildlife we don’t want to harm. Ants will take the insecticide to their colony for food, where they will eventually reach the queen. However, because this insecticide is slow acting, it may take up to eight weeks for it to come into full effect.

By using these two techniques, we can effectively reduce ants in your home. Though this can be a one-time service, we recommend choosing from one of our above maintenance plans for long-lasting results. Olympia Pest Management is the team that will treat you like family with same-day appointments and individualized solutions for your space. 

Don’t delay when we offer professional ant management in Olympia. Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (360) 819-1230 or filling out our online contact form.


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